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Fastest inkjet in the world!
We recently had a visit from local news outlet KCCI Channel 8. They did a little piece on our newest aquisition, the Océ ColorWave 900. Check out the video below.
Announcing HP Digital Decor!
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Click here to try out the Digital Decor software for yourself.

The demand for custom interiors is rapidly growing. With our HP WallArt system that demand is met with personalized, high-quality wallcovering for commercial, retail, and residential spaces.

Digitally printed samples can be supplemented by color accurate previews in precise, photo-realistic room sets.

Our Digital Décor Wallcovering solution is a cloud-based technology that simplifies and streamlines the review process and keeps everyone — you, designers, customers, production staff, and sales reps — in the loop.

Eliminate concerns about odor — prints produced with HP Latex Inks are odorless even immediately after printing, making them ideal for residential, office, hospitality, healthcare, or other environments with similar needs.

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File submission and on-line preflighting. No more missing fonts, low resolution images or wrong versions of your art!
Now it is possible to send and receive immediate feedback regarding your file's printability. Until now your files would enter our workflow and be manually pre-flighted. If the files required further attention from your designers this would result in time-consuming delays. This is now a thing of the past.
Thanks to Bee-Flight you can get feedback about your file. Use our Acrobat plugins to approve the proofs, and printable, normalized files will be ready to go. You will have the assurance that your files are ready to print right away. No more delays or time-consuming back and forth communications.
Bee-Flight is our latest state-of-the-art solution for automated color & content proofing and color management. Immediate feedback means quick validation of your files. Color standards are automatically maintained. This patented technology maintains consistent color across ALL your prints.
The Ford is strong with this one.

Star Wars Ford Raptor

A long time ago in a city not that far,
far away…


star wars raptor vader hood
storm trooper side door vader side-door death star bed Click the images for bigger versions

The owners of the Star Wars Raptor, Trey and Nancy Laymon, built their dream truck in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

The vision for the Star Wars truck started in 2009, when the Ford F-150 Raptor was first introduced. The Force was strong with this line of tough & sporty pickup, and once the Laymons ordered their dream truck, they began envisioning prototypes of the images for the vehicle. Nancy suggested putting Han Solo in Carbonite in the truck bed, and Trey started on the artwork.

The Darth Vader pictured on the hood and the driver's side is Trey in his costume, photographed by Nancy. Featured on the passenger's side is their friend, and fellow 501st Trooper, Chris Andrews. The mural on the back of the vehicle was created by SimonZ. Graphics were printed and meticulously installed on the truck by Beeline and Blue in Des Moines, Iowa . . . .

Dwight D. goes to NYC

Ike installed on the steps of the New York Historical Museum

Our 34th President is just chilling on the front steps of the New York Historical Museum in his ride. (Click the image for a big version)

This cutout was printed on 10mm thick layered Alupanel 10 feet long by 5 feet high in one piece and then clear coated. Ike and his trusty steed took about 45 minutes to print and 2 hours to cut. Most boards take 15 mins max. Our customer could not find anyone in NYC who could and/or would produce this, so Beeline & Blue stepped up and knocked it out of the park.

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